Digital shooting with Panasonic or Canon equipment in SD and HD; ability to use multiple cameras simultaneously with the aid of several operators that work with the company; we can shoot with film look with the help of the Redrock adapter for optical or film lens, or with the use of DSLR Canon; possibility of using drones for aerial photography; shooting with Steadicam operator; for news reports and interviews, use of Sennheiser microphones, both with XLR cables that wireless microphones (lavalier and radio microphones); use of shoulder supports for active shooting or Manfrotto tripods with remoted control levers.


Digital video editing for any type of video; creation of dynamic and rhythmic video thanks to the use of advanced editing techniques, gained through years of experience, and a perfect synchronization of the images with the music or the songs; insertion of filters, transitions, and video effects for any type of requirement; motion graphics in 3D of titles or logos; use of various video editing software (Adobe Systems and beyond); postproduction of photos, logos and pictures with Photoshop; special video effects with After Effects and many other software; different types of royalty free music for marketing the video; video conversions in all formats available on the market; use of audio processing software for reconstruction and cleaning of audio tracks; male or female voices over; subtitling in various languages; synchronization of each video with the music or song to obtain a unique dynamic style, which is the real mark of Starlight Video Productions.


Professional DVD and Blu-Ray authoring (both single layer and double layer); creation of backgrounds, motion menus, choice of chapters, extras and special features; inclusion of audio tracks and subtitles in various languages​​; creation of multi-region DVD or Blu-Rays; ability to insert the anti-piracy protection; burning in any number of copies; design, implementation and label printing on photo paper or direct printing on optical media; laser printing with LightScribe technology; creation of professional covers in various sizes (both slimcase or multi boxes).


Videos of events, festivals and demonstrations; videos of business dinners; videos of fairs and congresses; videos of folk and historical events; videos of Palios, jousts and medieval tournaments; videos of village or town festivals; videos of cultural events; videos of major events; videos of exhibitions, competitions, exhibitions and meetings with authors; videos of shows.


Realization of digital short films, from script to the final product. Creation of scripts and screenplays, directing, filming in digital, editing, sound , composition of original music, DVD authoring with interactive menus, backstage and special content.


Videos of sporting events; videos of games, tournaments and championships; videos of acrobatic motocross and motor racing; videos of action sports; videos of soccer games; videos of basketball games; videos of tennis matches; videos of water sports; videos of Olympic sports; videos of Paralympic sports.


Videos of famous people; videos actors of cinema, television and theater; videos of singers or musicians; interviews to celebrities of show business or politics; videos of autograph signatures; videos of movie festivals (from "Venic e International Film Festival" to "Berlinale"); videos of literary meetings with authors of books; videos of public appearances of the entertainment stars and meetings with their fans.


Realization of advertising videos of any length and type; classic thirty seconds commercials for TV broadcast; advertising videos of services, products or companies with long and comprehensive videos; ability to insert voiceovers both male and female in different languages; ability to insert subtitles in multiple languages​​; videos insertable in websites, social networks or video sharing sites (such as Youtube, Vimeo or any other requested site); insertion of advertising videos in DVD presentation of the company (for example for using in exhibition stands).


Shooting with one or more cameras of the day of the wedding; possibility of aerial shots with drones; realization of a videoclip with the best moments of the day synchronized to a song to share, in a practical way, the emotions of that day with friends and relatives; also included in the service is the making of a video, lasting about an hour, containing the full shootings edited of the wedding with the original sound (so you will also have full memory of the ceremony, the reception and all the most beautiful and important moments of the marriage); delivery to the newlyweds of a DVD containing animated menus, choice of chapters, and the two videos (the emotional video with the best moments and the full video of the wedding); label printing and DVD cover; ability to convert video to any format for any online distribution or to view it easily on your computer, tablet or phone.


Complete news services for local, national or international televisions; footage and interviews; possibility of using cable microphones, lavalier or radio microphones Sennheiser; video editing of the news report; ability to insert voiceovers in different languages ​​with the help of journalists and professional speakers; ability to insert subtitles in multiple languages​; video conversions in any format possible.


Corporate videos to enhance the brand and a company's products; shooting with one or more operators; ability to shoot with Steadicam operator; aerial shooting with drones; interviews to the owner, employees or collaborators; video editing; ability to insert animations; inclusion of voiceovers both male and female in different languages; subtitles in multiple languages ​; royalty free music for the distribution and marketing of videos; conversion of video in the required formats (for publishing on websites or for sharing online or on media devices).


Videos of theatrical performances with one or more cameras to get different angles and dynamism in the video; videos of plays, musicals, operas, recitals, artistic performances and concerts; videos of dance performances and essays; videos of fashion shows; videos of animation and entertainment shows; video editing; production of a DVD or a Blu-Ray of the show with animated menus, chapters, and special contents; realization and printing of the label and the cover; possibility of making multiple copies of the DVD or Blu-Ray.


Documentaries of all kinds, from natural to cultural ones; video courses and tutorials; shooting with one or more operators; aerial shots with drones; video editing; ability to insert male or female voices-over in different languages​​; subtitles in different languages​​; realization and authoring to DVD or Blu-Ray; burning of several copies; design and print labels and covers.


Making of personalized music videos to enhance the image of a singer or a band; realization of Video script; shooting with one or more operators; filming in steadicam; use of optical cameras to get a music video with a film look; aerial shots with drones; shooting in sets built ad hoc or external; ability to have makeup artists, machinists, cinematographers and set designers; video backstage; concert footage with one or more operators; video editing; insertion of special effects; DVD authoring; conversion of files in any format for online distribution or for multimedia devices.