STARLIGHT VIDEO PRODUCTIONS was founded in 2004 by Alessandro Maggia. From the beginning, this video productions studio stood out in its achievements to the attention to detail, attention to customers, and a young and dynamic style. Over the years, many customers have turned to Starlight Video Productions: television, communication agencies, multinationals, large and small companies, private clients.
Thanks to the collaboration with numerous industry professionals, Starlight Video Productions is able to meet any kind of requirement in video production: from shooting to editing, DVD and Blu-Ray authoring, video conversions in several formats for both multimedia supports and Web.

ALESSANDRO MAGGIA was born in Venice in 1977. While at University, in 1997, he began making videos of theatrical shows and events. After graduating in "Art Techniques and Performance" at the University of Venice, he obtained a Master in Film Direction at the "School Of Cinema, Television and New Media" in Milan. After making several short films, participating in numerous film festivals, in 2004 he founded Starlight Video Productions, a video production studio. It begins immediately a long collaboration with various tv broadcasters, both as a cameraman for numerous tv programs, both as implementer of comprehensive services (filming and editing) for different sectors: from tourism to commercials. Dynamic and original style of the Starlight Video Productions videos, inextricably linked to their music or songs with which they are created veritable music videos, creates a trademark that has been consolidated over the years, with the addition of new clients and collaborations at national and international level. Since 2009 it began a long collaboration with Exxon Mobil, for which they are made videos of the events to which the company and its partners participate. Over the years, Starlight created a lot of videos ranging across all sectors: from corporate videos to weddings, from editorials to music videos, specializing mainly in video of events. In 2017, Starlight Video Productions opened an office in Berlin, a city that looks ahead to the future and that is completely immersed in art, entertainment and new media.